About Us

DIS exists to foster the appreciation, practice and training in performing arts especially dance and theatre for entertainment, education and in community development. Through the exploration of traditional vocabularies and other elements of folk media, DIS has developed a unique contemporary dance theatre language for performance and for awareness & advocacy.

The Mission of DIS is to share artistic skills and experiences with people from all walks of life and to create quality works for local and cross border audiences.

The Vision of DIS is to have a society where dance and theatre are popular and are being utilized and enjoyed by all persons in all spheres of life.

The company also provides opportunities to young people with disability to work together with those without disability under the Mixed ability dance projects. DIS has trained and worked with more than 100 persons with disability and also created 5 new disability dance groups in the country since 2005. DIS offers life skills and capacity building training for groups and organizations as well as leadership and mentorship programs to other dance and performing arts groups in the country.

Activities :

  • Creation and production of contemporary dancetheatre performance projects
  • Training and dance workshops/classes for groups and individuals
  • Community outreach, awareness and advocacy programs
  • Local, regional and international tours of creations
  • Commissioned works and Consultancies

Awards and Recognition:

Multimedia Creations Award 2012

Dance & Arts Decentralization Award 2011

Disability Media award 2011

National Dance Theatre Awards, Best choreography 1999