Dance Meets Roots (DMR)

DMR is an intercultural contemporary dance decentralization proj that has up-to-date brought together a network of 19 active dance groups country-wide. The main objective of DMR is to decentralize contemporary dance by creating new groups, building new audiences and creating performance and training spaces in new areas. The project started with a successful pilot phase between 2007- 2009 in partnership with Africalia Belgium. As a result, Dance Into Space has trained and worked with approximately 300 artistes in seven counties.

Partner groups:

  • Nambale dancers, Mattayos community dance group – in Busia County
  • Right of Being, Soet,  – Eldoret County,
  • Aura, Peer Counseling, Makri, Igiza, Sawwa Dance groups – Nakuru County
  • Be My Voice, Elecro Beatz, Kenyannna, Talanta Africa, G Cleff – Mombasa County
  • Bondo arts group, Rarieda dance theatre, Yawa Dancers – Kisumu county.
  • Utena dance group and Katania arts in Nairobi and Machakos Counties respectively

DIS has continued to work closely with these groups fostering artistic and cultural exchanges through workshops and joint productions.

Program activities:

  • Exploring new and existing spaces for dance training and performances in the counties
  • Training in contemporary dance
  • Capacity building for dancers in management and dance administration
  • Audience building for contemporary dance at the grass roots
  • Facilitate the access of arts, sharing information on arts, contemporary dance and  edutainment
  • Facilitate festivals and meetings between partner dance groups
  • Develop joint and collaborative creations that reflect the multiculturalism of the Kenyan society

Dance Into Space received the decentralization projects award from Arterial Network (S.A) and Africalia Belgium for DMR. Follow the link below for the decentralization booklet.