Dance Film


A contemporary dance film inspired by the plight of world refugees who are faced with a life of short stays in foreign places, reception and hostility from host communities and having to deal with the reality of forced or voluntary repatriation. 
Shot entirely on location at The GoDown Arts Center Nairobi.
Stage version of Sojourner was performed at the UNHCR 2013 World refugee day celebrations in Nairobi.

Executive Producer: Dance Into Space
Direction/Choreography – Ondiege Matthew
Camera: Moses Muchai & Sammy Nyaberi
Cinematic Director: Cajetan Boy
Dancers: Alacoque Ntome, Alice Kamene, Jacob Pessah
& Ondiege Matthew
Story By: Cajetan Boy & Ondiege Matthew
Special Thanks: Zenith Media, The Godown Arts Centre, Etcetera Productions,